How to Use Dritz Magnetic Snaps

Magnetic snaps are a great fastener solution for many types of bags as well as other accessories and clothing.

We offer them in two finishes:

Despite the professional look, adding them to your project is easy. Here are a few quick steps for attaching magnetic snaps.




Step 1: Mark & cut slits

See our faux leather vinyl handbag tutorial to find out how to make this entire project.

Use the metal backing as a template to mark where to cut the slits on the fabric.

Use a seam ripper to cut slits just big enough for the prongs to go through from the front side of the fabric.

Step 2: Cut stabilizer

You can use a heavy stabilizer or a piece of cardboard to reinforce the snap on the back. We suggest Pellon Ultra-Firm Fusible Stabilizer or, for fabrics that shouldn’t be ironed like vinyl, Pellon Ultra-Firm Sew-In Stabilizer. For lighter weight fabrics, you’ll want a less stiff stabilizer like Pellon Decor Bond Fusible Stabilizer.

Cut out a piece of stabilizer that’s a little larger than the snap and cut the slits.

Step 3: Attach Magnet

Slide the stabilizer onto the back followed by the metal support. Use your fingers or pliers to bend down the prongs so they lay flat.

Step 4: Repeat

Repeat these steps for the other side of the snap.

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