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Pillow inserts can be filled with down and feathers, polyester, or a combination of the two. Down and polyester look and feel differently and each have their own benefits.

We have square, rectangular, round, and bolster pillows. We suggest getting a pillow form that is 1″ – 2” larger than your pillow cover to create a full looking pillow.

Pillow forms come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. We carry a lot of sizes that are hard to find. If we don’t have the exact size for your pillow cover, you can usually get away with a slightly larger pillow.

Down is especially good at forming to fit pillow covers. With polyester pillows, you can also get some polyester stuffing to add to pillow inserts that are a little too small. This works well for filling out the corners.

We have down filling that you can add if you can’t find the right size, but just make sure to line your pillow with featherproof ticking so the feathers don’t poke through.

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Polyester Pillow Inserts

Polyester pillows are cheaper than down. They are firmer and hold their original shape, but over time can flatten and become misshapen and lumpy.

We also have outdoor pillows that have a laminated shell to protect the polyester fiberfill from moisture.

Down Pillow Inserts

Down pillows can be shaped and molded, so if you want to be able to chop your pillows, down is the way to go. They are softer, more resilient and last longer than polyester filled pillows. When you sit against them they will mold to your shape, but when you fluff them, they will puff up and return to their original shape.

Down pillows are made with a combination of down and feathers. Down is the fluff underneath the feathers on a goose or duck, which is very light and soft.

Feathers are heavier and provide support. Pillows are filled with different ratios of down to feathers. 5/95 pillows are 5% down, 95% feathers. 25/75 and 50/50 pillows contain a higher ratio of down, making them more expensive.

The 100% cotton covers on all our down pillow forms are featherproof.

Microfiber Pillow Inserts

Microfiber pillows feature a polyester filling that is made from 2 denier slick virgin holofil fiber. This microfiber is soft and comfortable. The cover is 50% polyester and 50% cotton. These pillows are made in the USA and are priced affordably.

Poly/Down Pillow Inserts

You can also get pillows that are a combination of polyester fiber and down and feathers, which provide a compromise between shape, support and softness.


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