Fleece Fabric Product Guide

Fleece is a popular fabric for scarves, blankets, mittens, hats, and jackets because it’s so warm and cozy. Tie blankets are particularly popular because there’s no sewing involved.

Fleece doesn’t fray when cut, so hems aren’t necessary. Fleece can be found in a variety of colors and prints.

Basic fleece is made from 100% polyester and has a soft, smooth surface. The basic solids and prints can be used for blankets, scarves, and crafts. The higher quality licensed fleece, like sports fleece, and WinterFleece can be used for apparel, but is not recommended for performance apparel.

Sweatshirt fleece has a soft, smooth outside with a fuzzy, warm backing, making it great for sweatshirts, sweatpants, and blankets.

See our care tips to keep your fleece looking great for years to come.

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    How To Projects Using Fleece:

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