Vinyl & Leather Fabric Product Guide

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Faux leather vinyl fabric is great for upholstery and accessories such as bags and belts. It’s popular for covering seats, cushions, and boat interiors. We carry many top brands, including Ultrafabrics® PVC-free faux leather.

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Flannel backed vinyl and clear vinyl are popular for protective table covers, and most vinyl can easily be wiped down to clean up spills. There are so many more uses for clear vinyl so if you want to find out more, check out our Clear Vinyl Product Guide.

Vinyl coated mesh is most commonly used for applications like sling chairs, deck shades, and utility uses.

vinyl-and-leather-1 Clear vinyl/flannel backed vinyl (top) and vinyl coated mesh (bottom)

Depending on the backing, some vinyl fabrics have a stretch in them, which makes it easier for upholstering furniture. Vinyl is sometimes called faux leather because it’s a great alternative to real leather.

Vinyl is popular for auto and marine applications. Find out the differences between standard vinyl and marine vinyl here.

Our selection of vinyl also includes fluorescent, sparkle, pleather, patent leather, as well as a variety of utility vinyl for tarps, liners, and more.

5-10 Some vinyl and leather fabrics are stretchy
6-11 A glimpse of our selection of vinyl and leather fabric

When sewing these fabrics, we recommend using a Teflon presser foot because they tend to stick when fed through the metal presser foot and needle plate. If you don’t have one, you can use matte tape on the bottom of your presser foot.

You’ll want to use a longer stitch length than usual because having lots of needle holes close together perforates the fabric, making it more likely to tear.

Testing out your stitching before starting is recommended. The tension will probably have to be adjusted because of the thickness of the fabric and thread.

vinyl-handbag-step-6-6-2 Test out stitching beforehand

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