Cushion DIY Upholstery Tutorials

Trying to decide what sort of cushion to make for your DIY project? We have tutorials for many different kinds of cushions for all different skill levels.

Cushion tutorials in the collection:

  • Box cushion with zipper
  • French mattress cushion
  • Basic knife edge cushion
  • Box cushion with piping
  • Outdoor cushion / dog bed
  • Dining chair cushion
  • Stadium cushion
  • Floor cushion
  • Pouf ottoman cushion

Box Cushions

Box cushions are commonly found on couches or armchairs, and are used in many other applications like window seats, benches, outdoor seating or even dog beds. They are a simple upholstery project that you can easily customize.

Learn how to make box cushions with a zipper here.

French Mattress Cushions

French Mattress Cushions are making a comeback and we are HERE for it. Whether your home looks like a farm house or an eclectic paradise, this style cushion is for you. These are popular as bench cushions, floor cushions, decorative mattresses for day beds, and bay window cushions.

Learn how to make your own French mattress cushions here.

Basic Knife Edge Cushions

This basic cushion it easy to make and can be used in many different applications. You only need to cut one piece of fabric to make it. You can make yours with a zipper, or you can leave an opening in that space and use an invisible stitch to sew it closed.

Learn how to make a basic knife edge cushion here.

mm-basic-cushion1-2 Basic Cushion

Cushions with Piping

You can’t get more classic than a box cushion with piping. Though zippers really aren’t as hard as they look, we made this cushion with a simple Velcro closure in case you’re intimidated by zippers!

Learn how to make this cushion here.

mm-piping-cushion1 Cushion with Piping

Outdoor Cushion or Dog Bed

This tutorial can be used to make either an outdoor cushion or bed for your pet. It’s made with outdoor fabric and outdoor foam, both of which are durable and prevent mildew and odor. The removable cover is washable and has a simple Velcro closure.

Learn how to make this outdoor cushion / dog bed here.

dog-bed-finished1-2 Dog bed

Dining Chair Cushions

Give your dining chairs a fresh look by reupholstering the seat cushion. Many dining chairs have a cushion that can be easily detached, which makes reupholstering a simple project.

Learn how to reupholster your dining room chair cushions here.

Stadium Cushions

Sitting through an entire game on a hard seat or bleacher can get uncomfortable, especially if your team is losing. This stadium cushion has a handle and Velcro closure so the cover can be washed. Whether you’re at a high school football game or a professional baseball game, get comfortable with a stadium cushion.

Learn how to make this stadium cushion here.

stadium-cushion-feature1200 Stadium cushion

Floor Cushions

This simple DIY floor cushion makes for comfortable seating for the living room, bedroom, or playroom. The optional zipper opening makes it easy to wash or switch out the pillow form.

Learn how to make this floor cushion here.

Pouf Ottoman Cushion

Poufs are a trendy and functional décor item, but they can be pricey. By creating your own, you can save money and make it exactly how you want. You can use your pouf as an ottoman or foot rest, as extra seating, or as floor pillows. They’re especially great for kids’ spaces.

Learn how to make this pouf cushion here.

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