Rit Dye - Taupe # 34 Liquid

Rit Dye - Taupe # 34 Liquid

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  • Product ID: RIT34L
  • Manufacturer: Rit
  • Weight: 8 Fluid Oz
  • Usage: Use 1 bottle for 2 lbs dry fabric. For dark or bright colors, double dye quantity. Add 1 cup salt to dye bath for cotton, rayon, ramie, linen, or blends. Polyester or acrylic blends dye lighter. Not recommended for 100% polyester, acrylic, or fabrics with special finishes, rubber-backing, cold water wash, or labeled Dry Clean Only.

RIT liquid dye in popular taupe color. Inexpensive and sometimes difficult to find elsewhere. For a variety of apparel and decorative fabrics as well as rugs and carpets. Convenient 8 oz size.

For more information, see our Rit All-Purpose Dye Product Guide.

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