5 Fabrics for Quick Handmade Gifts

There’s something special about handmade gifts. They’re one-of-a-kind and much more personal than anything generic you buy in a store. But the holiday season is busy, so if you don’t have a lot of time, we’ve got some fabrics and ideas for quick gifts.

#1 Fleece

Fleece is the perfect fabric for quick and easy holiday gifts. Because it doesn’t fray, it’s great for no-sew projects, plus it’s warm and wintery!

See our Fleece Fabric Product Guide for information about this fabric. You can shop our selection on fleece here.

The #1 most popular gift we see people buying fabric for is fleece tie blankets. It’s an easy present that works for just about anyone because there are so many prints, like classic plaids, and many fun kids prints. Pair it with a solid and you’re good to go.

You can also make fleece scarves, fleece pillows, and even fleece dog beds using the same tying technique.

Another great gift for winter is fleece mittens, especially when they have a super soft and warm faux fur lining! They require some sewing, but are still a quick and inexpensive present for kids and adults alike. Make a matching fleece hat too!

A fleece poncho is another gift that involves little sewing.

#2 Cotton Prints

Lightweight cotton prints can be used for a wide range of projects for a wide range of people.

For your favorite cook, oven mitts are a great option. Gifts for men are sometimes hard to think of, so how about a bow tie, pajama bottoms, or a stadium cushion or a fabric koozie with their favorite sports team? (Of course, these are just as good for women too!) Know someone who’s always losing keys? Make a brightly colored key fob.

Infinity scarves are a trendy accessory that are a great project for beginner sewers. Cotton prints work well, but warmer options include velvet, Minky, or flannel.

#3 Minky

If you’ve never heard of Minky, it’s a super soft variety of fleece fabric that is very warm. It comes in many colors and textures. It was originally used for babies’ products because of its soft feel, which is warm yet lightweight. Now it’s also popular for quilt backings, blankets, linings, and winter wear for all ages.

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Minky is perfect for baby blankets because it is so soft, and it also washes well.

#4 Oilcloth

Oilcloth is often associated with summer because of its bright and cheery colors and patterns, all the better to brighten up the winter months.

It can be used to make a wide range of projects, from tablecloths to tote bags. It doesn’t fray when cut, so hems aren’t required.

Our Oilcloth Fabric Product Guide has more information about oilcloth and how to work with it. Shop our selection of oilcloth here.

Make an oilcloth apron or a grocery bag lined with oilcloth.

Oilcloth works well for toiletries and cosmetic bags because it’s waterproof with a shiny and smooth surface that can be easily wiped clean. They’re great for gifts and you can even add a brush holder.

#5 Decor Fabric

Décor fabric can be used for much more than home décor, though it’s great for that too! (We have plenty of décor tutorials.)

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We also use décor fabric for bags, like phone wristlets, tote bags, drawstring backpacks, and envelope clutches sized for tablets. These are all great gifts and we have patterns you can download to make constructing them easy.

Zipper pouches are a perfect gift for just about anyone because they’re handy to have around for carrying or organizing many different items. You can make them in many sizes.

Honorable Mentions

We want to give shout outs to a couple more fabrics that are often used around the holidays.

Velvet feels luxurious and warm, like it was made for the holidays. Santa hats and Christmas stockings look great in velvet and it’s trendy for holiday clothing and décor. You can find our velvet here.

Flannel is soft and fuzzy and can be used for quilt backs, blankets, linings, and more. Shop flannel here.

Burlap is popular for holiday decorations, like Christmas tree skirts, table runners, and flower wreaths. See our selection of burlap here.

Felt is probably the ultimate craft fabric. It can be used for so many no sew holiday crafts and decorations. Shop felt by the yard or by individual sheets here.

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